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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses special strokes and techniques and is a form of therapeutic massage.

Our therapists perform different massage strokes – petrissage, effleurage, vibration, friction, and tapotement and use their forearms, elbows, fingers, and full palm to perform them. These movements or strokes release tension and have a good effect on the muscle tissue.

Types of Strokes

Other varieties of massage are based on Swedish massage, including aromatherapy, deep tissue, sports, and others. Different techniques are used for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Friction is a technique to relieve sore muscles and stimulate the nerve endings. It is also beneficial if you have scar tissue. Shaking or vibration is also used to regulate the blood flow and for deep relaxation. Rhythmic tapping is another technique used in Swedish massage. Our therapists use the palm and back and edge of the hand to perform it. It is very beneficial in that rhythmic tapping helps release phlegm and mucus from the lungs. Tapping helps treat upper respiratory problems and asthma and releases muscle tension. Kneading motions are also used to work on the soft tissue and muscles and release toxins, stress, and tension. Kneading movements improve lymph and blood circulation and eliminate lactic acid. Lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and causes soreness, discomfort, and irritation of the muscles. Accompanying symptoms include hypotension, anemia, anxiety, lethargy, abdominal pain, hyperventilation, vomiting, and anxiety. In addition to these strokes, our therapists use repetitive gliding strokes. They use their fingertips, thumbs, and palms to perform them. Different movements are used, including pressing, squeezing, and kneading to release tension as well as toxins that accumulate in the body.

Swedish Massage and Benefits
Swedish massage offers multiple benefits, including:

Improved flexibility

Stress reduction

Immunity boost


Pain relief

Eliminates body waste

There are multiple benefits for clients, and one is that the special combination of movements helps release metabolic waste. The strokes also help alleviate chronic pain and serious conditions such as arthritis. Our therapists offer therapeutic massages for maximum relaxation and pain management. The Swedish massage improves the functioning of the circulatory system, and the organs, tissues, and muscles receive more oxygen. Massages are also recommended during a stress management program. A massage therapy offers other benefits and can be used to alleviate ligament problems. It is also beneficial for aching and tired muscles and helps improve the skin tone. Other benefits include reduction of swellings, release of endorphins and reduction of muscle cramps and spasms. Swellings are often caused by fluid that accumulates in the bodily tissues. Our therapists use different strokes to achieve this, including pincement, tapping, hacking, and cupping. They also use resistance techniques, rubbing down, lengthy strokes, and others. The techniques used have curing and soothing effects and help minimize discomfort.

All massages are performed in a relaxing environment, and blankets and towels are provided to protect your modesty. It is best to avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.

30 minutes

Taster session
  • Half Body Massage

60 minutes

Essential Massage Therapy
  • Full Body Massage

90 minutes

Complete Massage Therapy
  • Full Body Massage

120 minutes

Comprehensive Massage Therapy
  • Full Body Massage