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Sports Massage

Sports massage is intended for persons who are physically active and are actively involved in physical and sports activities.

Different massaging techniques are used to treat and prevent sports injuries. Among the many benefits of sports massage are:

Improved lymph circulation

Pain relief


Improved blood circulation

Reduced anxiety levels


Improved micro-circulation

Scar tissue removed

Better tissue elasticity

Improved tissue permeability

Muscle relaxation


Our therapists focus on the muscles and soft tissues, including areas such as the Achilles tendon, calf muscles, hamstrings, buttocks, lower back, upper back, feet, lower leg fronts, and thighs. Sports massage is used for different injuries, including groin strains, hamstring strains, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. Sports massage therapy offers plenty of benefits for physically active persons, including stress reduction, pain reduction, muscle soreness prevention, and a lot more. Our therapists help prevent muscle soreness by using techniques that stimulate the lymph and blood flow and thus eliminate muscle fatigue. Sports massage is particularly beneficial in eliminating and preventing delayed soreness. In general, delayed onset soreness begins up to 24 hours after your workout. Many people feel acute pain up to 72 hours after the workout. Special techniques are used to prevent and alleviate delayed onset soreness. Stress management is also very important. Endorphins are released during the massage session, which helps relieve anxiety and pain. Endorphins improve mood and help manage and moderate chronic pain. Sports massage is a great pain reduction technique that allows you to stay physically active. Our therapists use different techniques, including trigger points, percussion, stretching, gliding, vibration, rhythmic striking, stroking, and many others. The goal is to help customers to achieve top performance and reduce the risk of injury. Different techniques are used for fast recovery. Sports massage has many physiological and psychological benefits, including lower neurological excitability, decreased muscle tension, improved flexibility and range of motion, improved joint flexibility and blood flow, and many others. Decreased recovery time is also a major benefit for those who are physically active. They need less time to recover between workouts. Many studies have shown that participants feel less fatigued if they received a massage after workout. Faster recovery was also observed. Relaxation is one of the effects of sports massage. The muscles relax through stretching and circulation, and different techniques can help stimulate the muscle tissue, causing relaxation. Our therapists focus on areas of the body that are stressed, fatigued, and overused from intense, aggressive, and repetitive movements. The good news is that sports massage improves flexibility and endurance, reduces fatigue, and helps the body to prepare for intense physical activity. It complements the normal regime of athletes, with different techniques used, depending on the sport of choice, level of activity, and other factors. Sports massage is performed after or before exercise to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. Massage dilates and opens the blood vessels so that nutrients reach all cells, tissues, and organs.

30 minutes

Taster session
  • Half Body Massage

60 minutes

Essential Massage Therapy
  • Full Body Massage

90 minutes

Complete Massage Therapy
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120 minutes

Comprehensive Massage Therapy
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