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Bowen Technique

Our therapists use the Bowen technique which is a type of hands-on, remedial therapy and bodywork that involves gentle pressure.

Therapists use their fingers and thumbs to press specific points, along with special rolling type of moves. They work on the soft tissues and muscles. No force is involved. The goal is to speed up the healing processes in the body and achieve balance. Gentle motions are used to stimulate the fascia, tendons, and muscles. This is a complementary type of therapy and a holistic approach that aims to achieve good mental and physical health. It has a good effect on ailments such as back pain and others. Most clients need between 3 and 4 sessions while others require on-going treatment.

The Bowen technique can be used as a pain relief method and involves pauses and minimum intervention. The role of the therapist is to trigger a self-healing response and to minimize discomfort. This is a powerful technique that promises long-lasting and quick pain relief. It is an efficient, powerful, and versatile technique, and the result is a sense of relaxation and comfort. Therapists use specific moves to help the body recharge itself. The client is lying, standing, or sitting, and the therapist performs a series of movements. Ultimately, the goal is to address imbalances and reactions, chemical compositions, and functions. Therapists help restore the physiological equilibrium or homeostasis. The session has a calming effect and helps relieve anxiety and emotional stress. According to professionals, the Bowen technique can help improve mobility and brings sustained relief. It helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation as well. In addition, this technique helps with sports injuries, traumas, and other conditions. It is both relaxing and stimulating. What is more, our therapists are certified, trained, and experienced. Vigorous manipulation is not involved.