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About Us

Massages in Central London

Our therapists at MediSpa Clinic offer standard and special massages and treatments to customers in London. From reflexology and aromatherapy to deep tissue and Swedish massage, we cover the full gamut of remedial and therapeutic massages.

Beauty and relaxation massages are our specialty. Our therapists perform gentle movements to relieve muscle tension and help treat injuries. Massages stimulate self-healing and speedy recovery. We offer special treatments and therapies to balance the body in a healthy, non-invasive, and safe way. Customers enjoy a total tune up in a pleasant and relaxing environment. From sports massage to holistic and Thai massage, there is a selection of procedures and treatments for your individual requirements and taste. Our therapies promote wellbeing and health and help treat a number of disorders. Our therapists are skilled, experienced, and professionally trained to manipulate tissues and muscles in a compassionate, sensitive, and safe way. Some of our customers use massages as a one-time or temporary treatment for health problems or injuries while others are regular customers.

Our therapists use special strokes and techniques and high quality lotions, herbs, and essential oils. We use essential oils separately and in combination, including oils extracted from plants, tree leaves, plant seeds, and resins. There is a selection of essential oils that are used in aromatherapy, including bay tree, rose, mandarin, lemon, and many others. There are many essential oils with therapeutic, soothing, and relaxing properties, including nutmeg mace, anise, jasmine, pine, savory, cypress, and others. Our therapists will choose the right oil for your therapy or massage session. You can even request an essential oil of your choice when scheduling an appointment.

Whether you require a holistic approach or a customized therapy, we have a solution for you. And whether you want to make lasting changes, need treatment, or visit us for relaxation, our therapists have passion for healing. Our therapies help relax and lengthen tired and shortened muscles, soften the tissues, regulate blood circulation, and correct functional imbalances. We offer the full gamut of massages for injury and stress management. The goal is to reestablish the balance and regulate all processes in the body.

At MediSpa Clinic our therapists offer deep tissue, Swedish massage, and other therapies to help treat ailments and problems such as spasms, fibromyalgia, muscle strains, injuries, limited mobility, and others. We offer a selection of therapies to invigorate and revitalize your muscles, connective tissue, skin, and organs. Your body is the place where life energy flows, and it is important to maintain or restore the balance. We will help you to choose the right therapy to achieve this, with the best attention your body, hands, legs, and head can get. We offer combined, holistic, and special therapies to meet your needs and will help you to eliminate toxins, wax, and other waste from your sinuses, lymphatic system, and other organs and systems. Whether you need mini massage, full massage, or special therapy, contact us for expert advice or to book an appointment.